Hi, I am Mike Ross

a Technology Strategist, Enterprise Architect, and Developer

What I Do

I work full time at Microsoft as a Technology Strategist for one of the largest healthcare corporations in the world.

In my spare time I work on projects that I find interesting or am passionate about.

Web & Mobile App Development

I build awesome, easy to use, functional applications for web and mobile devices.

Desktop Application Development

I build custom applications for PC and Mac. I've done this since 1999 and still love it!

Technology Strategy

Improve your technology and business strategy. I provide consulting to some of the largest Enterprises.


System Integrations, Web API's, Thirdy Party API's, I have designed, built, customized, and integrated with literally hundreds of services.

About Me

Over 16 years of experience in driving enterprise technology strategy, enterprise architecture, and consulting. I started my technology career in 1999 and have served as a CTO, owned and operated a technology consulting firm for more than fourteen years, and currently work full time for Microsoft as an Enterprise Technology Consultant to the largest Enterprise Healthcare accounts.

While I do work full time for Microsoft, I am available from time to time for limited engagements as my schedule permits.

I do have a sweet spot for non-profits. Know of a deserving non-profit? Please send them my way.

I live just outside of Nashville with my wife and four children. A former professional musician, I still enjoy playing a gig once in a while. I love old cars, new technology, and quantum physics.

Contact Me

I Got the Skills


Web Development


Mobile Development


Database Design


Cloud Architecture

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Need help? Send me details about your technology needs and let's talk.

Feel free to call me at 512-299-8114 or contact me using the form below.

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