CHI – (Cumulative Health Indicators)

We are all familiar with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). While these data points are often interesting and they can even be helpful, they do not give us the full picture. They tell us how things are performing, but they do not tell us if the overall system is healthy. I have learned that the health of a system is far more important than the performance of a system. Systems can perform and not be healthy. Under these circumstances performance will eventually crater. We see this in large orgs all the time. People burn out. When I worked for one of the largest corporations in the world I noticed that all the top performers met their KPI’s, but they were also burning out, ending up in rehabs, or worse. We can look at the sports world and see people winning and performing, but they are anything but healthy. Lance Armstrong was winning, but participating in very unhealthy behaviors. As leaders and humans we must go deeper than KPI’s. While the KPI’s give us interesting information about the current performance or performance trends of a system, they are not the best predictors of the health of a system.

In this blog post I will go into the questions that we can begin asking to determine if the system is healthy or if performance culture is crushing the spirit or your organization.

If we determine that there are unhealthy behaviors we can apply the PRANA Method to begin addressing the findings.

more to come……

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